Support for Learners

Did you know that the Ontario Government has introduced a new financial support program for youth up to Grade 12 to help with additional costs during the 2020-2021 school year.

Eligible applicants can receive:

  • $200 for each child or youth up to Grade 12
  • $250 for each child or youth up to age 21 with special needs

Here’s a quick overview of the eligibility criteria, however, please do contact us for more information:

You are eligible to apply if you live in Ontario and are a:

  • Parent or guardian to a child or youth up to Grade 12
  • Secondary school student over the age of 18
  • Parent or guardian to a child or youth that is 21 or younger and has special needs

Please note the interesting part of this program is that children enrolled in elementary school, high school, childcare, home school, and private schools are all eligible if the above mentioned criteria are met.

This program is only accepting applications until February 8, 2021. So please contact Team Tax today to get your application filled out correctly and quickly. Our fee for this service is $50, resulting in an extra $150-200 in your pockets!