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Limited Liability

Once a company is incorporated, the owners’ liability is limited to the specific amount of their investments in the business.

Tax Savings

Once your company gets incorporated, it will become subject to more favorable corporate income tax rates compared to the individual tax rates. That means your company can save more money to help finance its operations and future growth. Also, incorporated businesses allow for income splitting among family members and this leads to further tax savings

Easier To Raise Capital

Raising capital is generally easier for a corporation, primarily due to the fact that a corporation can issue shares of stock. This capital can make it easier for a business to grow exponentially. If you're in the market for a bank loan, that’s another reason to incorporate. In most cases, banks would rather lend money to corporations than to unincorporated business ventures.

Types Of Incorporation


  • Benefits 
    • Limited business name protection Canada-wide
    • Global recognition of a federal incorporation
    • Beneficial if you plan to do business across Canada
  • Things To Consider
    • Name selection and approval process can be more challenging
    • Must register in every province you do business in
    • More paperwork for annual filing
    • Incorporation documents can take up to one week or longer to process

Provincial (Most Common)

  • Benefits
    • Business name protection province-wide
    • Higher chance of name approval within one province
  • Things To Consider
    • Only registered to conduct business in one province
    • Name approval required when expanding to other provinces
    • Incorporation documents can take up to two business days to process

Corporation Name Choices

Wondering if your corporation name choice is available? Send us an email.

  • Numbered Corporation
    • Eg. 9999999 Ontario Ltd.  
    • Number is automatically generated by the government 
  • Named Corporation*
    • Eg. Bob’s Bakery Inc. 
    • Choice of name for corporation (subject to availability)

Professional Corporations

In some situations, some professional organizations allow their members to register ventures through a corporation and set up what’s known as a ‘Professional Corporation.’ While such a corporation operates just like all other regular corporations, it’s restricted to only provision of specific types of professional services

Professional Services Include:

  • Accountants 
  • Chiropractors 
  • Dentists
  • Lawyers 
  • Pharmacist 
  • Etc.

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Federal or Provincial Incorporation

$499 + Gov Fees